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Production of real time predictions (updated for Nov 2021)

Atmospheric ICs:

1. Download all the ICs until the 31st October ICs when available
  • 3-4 week delay for real time data/not the final
  • This is done extending the autosubmit experiment a2k7 (task performed by Etienne)

Ocean/Sea Ice ICs:

1. Download the latest ORAS5 and EN4 data up to October/November 2021
  1. Regridding/reformatting the newly downloaded surface/3D fields (cdo/sosie) → The scripts to do it for EN4 are: ?? (task performed by Vladimir); The scripts to do it for ORAS5 are: ?? (task performed by Juan)
2. Downloading the atmospheric forcing files from ERA5 real time dataset up to October
  • 3-4 weeks delay to get the data of the previous month
  • This is done through the autosubmit experiment ??? (task performed by Etienne)
3. Post-process the atmospheric forcing files
  • It should also correct the precipitation values in ERA5 so that they can be correctly read by EC-Earth (task performed by Vladimir)
4. Applying the random perturbations to the forcings
  • 5 different files to be generated (task performed by Juan)
5. Producing the ocean-sea ice reconstruction
  • It implies extending the experiment ???
  • A first short extension to be performed before all the data up to November 2021 is available

Vegetation/Land ICs

  • Do we need to do something here?

Production of the real-time predictions

  • It involves launching the new start dates in experiment ???
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