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This section has been created by the Newsletter working group to gather the debate of the month (previously known as newsletter). Don't hesitate to join the group or share your opinion at any time!

- February 2022: Gender quotas

- March 2022: Unconscious gender bias

- May 2022: Online exposure of female scientists

- December 2022: Parental leave in academia

- July 2023: Eunice Newton Foote & The Matilda effect

- October 2023: Gender bias and Discrimination through the Trans Lens

- December 2023: Looking back on the year 2023

- March 2024: AI/ML & Big data: how biases are reinforcing inequality and power structure

Internal debates

During our monthly meetings (usually the third Friday of the month at 4pm), we try to reserve half the hour to debate within ourselves. So far, we have discussed the following topics:

- October 2022: Parental leave

- November 2022: Equity versus Equality

- February 2023: The Will to Change by bell hooks

- April 2023: "How Minds Change" by David McRaney

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