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Master supervision rules

Before a master student arrives, a master project should be written describing the general objectives, scientific questions, tools to be used during the project. A workplan should also be prepared describing the documentation to be read, the exact analyses to be performed, i.e. step by step instructions for the master student.

Master students

Sara Moreno Montes

Advisors: Carlos Delgado Torres & Albert Soret Miravet
Title: Multi-model evaluation and downscaling of decadal climate predictions over Southern Africa Development Community
Duration: 1/February 2023 - 31/July 2023
Final report: TFM

Javier Corvillo Guerra

Advisors: Jaume Ramon & Nube Gonzalez
Title: Seasonal prediction in big cities: from Brazil to Barcelona
Duration: 1/February 2023 - 30/June 2023
Final report: JCG_Master-Thesis.pdf

Guillermo López Basurco

Advisors: Jaume Ramon
Title: Wind at 100 meters: variability and impact on wind energy sector
Duration: 1/December 2022 - 30/June 2023
Final report: GLB_master_thesis

Lluís Palma García

Advisors: Llorenç Lledó & Carlos Gómez González
Title: Statistical downscaling of seasonal forecasts: K-NNs vs CNNs
Duration: 1/March 2021 - 28/February 2022
Final report: lpalma_TFM.pdf

Basile Guth

Advisors: Francisco J. Doblas-Reyes & Verónica Torralba
Title: Wind droughts investigation and predictability evaluation
Duration: 1/April 2022 - 30/September 2022
Final report: bguth_TFM.pdf

Albert Martínez Botí

Advisors: Albert Soret
Duration: 1/July 2020 - 28/January 2022
Final report:

Pep Cos Espuña

Advisors: Francisco J Doblas Reyes, Martin Jury
Title: Mediterranean climate change projections from CMIP5 and CMIP6
Duration: May 2020 - February 2021
Final report: cos_tfm.pdf

Konstantina Chouta

Advisors: Sara Basart, Isadora Jiménez, María Gonçalves
Title: Impact Assessment of Sand and Dust Storms for key socio-economic sectors: Aviation
Duration: January 2020 - September 2020
Final report: Master thesis_document

Philip Kreussler

Advisors: Louis-Philippe Caron & Simon Wild
Title: Change in Tropical Cyclone Integrated Kinetic Energy between Present and Future Climate in the CNRM Climate Model
Duration: October 2019 - May 2020
Final report: philip_kreussler_masters_thesis.pdf

Ferran López Martí

Advisors: Juan Acosta, Pablo Ortega, Markus Donat & Simon Wild
Title: Understanding the link between the extreme weather conditions in central Europe in spring 2018 and a preceding record-breaking sea ice reduction in the Bering sea.
Duration: March 2019 - January 2020
Final report: ferran_master_thesis.pdf

Christian Guzmán

Advisors: Mario Acosta & Oriol Jorba
Final report:

Carlos Delgado Torres

Advisors: Markus G. Donat & Deborah Verfaillie
Title: Impact of Model Initialization on Predictability of Weather Regimes over the Euro-Atlantic Region on Inter-annual to Decadal Timescales
Duration: June 2019 - September 2019
Final report: TFM_CarlosDelgadoTorres.pdf

Elisa Bergas-Massó

Xavier Yepes

Advisor: Mario C. Acosta
Co-advisor: Francisco J. Doblas-Reyes
Tutor: Daniel Jiménez-González
Title: Improving the throughput of an atmospheric model using an asynchronous parallel I/O server
Duration: September 2017 - April 2018
Final report: Improving the throughput of an atmospheric model using an asynchronous parallel I/O server

Niti Mishra

Advisor: Chloé Prodhomme
Co-advisor: Eleftheria Exarchou
Title: A comprehensive skill assessment for precipitation and temperature over Europe
Duration: 11/April-30/June 2016
Final report: Skill Assessment of Seasonal Temperature and Precipitation Forecast over Europe

María Santolaria Otín

Maider Hernani Olartekoetxea

Advisor: Albert Soret & Josep Cos
Title: Coupling climate and ocean models
Duration: 15/March 2023 - 15/September 2023
Final report:

Manex Irazusta Mugica

Advisor: Raül Marcos
Co-Advisor: Balakrishnan Solaraju-Murali
Duration: 1/February 2023 - 31/July 2023
Final report:

Paula Camps Pla

Advisor: Marc Guevara
Co-Advisor: María Gonçalves
Title: Assessing the impact of local emission abatement measures on ozone levels in Catalonia
Duration: 1/March 2023 - 30/September 2023
Final report: Assessing the impact of local emission abatement measures on ozone levels in Catalonia
Supplementary material: Supplementary material

Alejandro Peraza González

Advisor: Amanda Duarte
Co-Advisor: Lluís Palma
Title: [To be assigned]
Duration: 16/June 2023 - 16/February 2023
Final report:

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